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Ayurvedic Medicine

We provide different types of Ayurvedic Capsules such as Ashwagandha Capsules, Karitis-care Capsules, Kark Lean Capsules, Kark-vit Capsules, Mindgrow Capsules, etc. They are 100% natural products prepared using high-quality herbs to provide maximum health benefits to the body. These Ayurvedic Capsules are free from gluten and sugar ensuring no side-effects. In addition, they are provided with no cholesterol and trans-fat. These vegetarian capsules are available with the shelf-life of 24 months.
Our company offers Ayurvedic Syrups like Aloe Vera Ras, Cal-ron Syrup, Cleancid Syrup, Clearon Syrup, Kark Cough Syrup, Diabetes Syrup, etc. They are prepared using natural herbs and ayurvedic products for enhancing the immunity of the body. They are ideal for fighting against the pathogens and bacteria. In addition, they are clinically tested potent immuno-modulator with antioxidants that maintain the energy level of the body. These Ayurvedic Syrups are free from side-effects ensuring safe consumption. 
We offer effective and affordable Ayurvedic Drops such as Amritshra Drops, Haldi Drops, Tulsi Drops, Spas Drops, etc. They are made using high-quality herbs for enhancing immunity, health and bones. These drops are prescribed for treating cough, cold, fever, etc. They are prepared under hygienic environments to provide effective results. We provide these Ayurvedic Drops in high-quality packaging bottles to ensure long shelf-life. With droppers, they ensure easy usage. 

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