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Alopathy Medicine

Our extensive range of Pharmaceutical Capsules are the dosage forms that are either taken orally or as suppositories. These are the most efficient and easy method of taking medication. Capsules are the enclosed medicines, i.e. the drug is enclosed in a stable shell, which is a soft or hard soluble container. They contain effective and non-harmful drugs to cure specific diseases. Further, our offered Pharmaceutical Capsules are available in excellent quality packages that keep the capsule safe and does not degrade its quality or effectiveness. Also, these are widely by our customers nationwide because there are highly efficient for curing various diseases and does not leads to any side-effects.

We are offering a wide variety of Pharmaceutical Tablets, which are the solid dosage forms of medication. These are prepared either by compression or by molding. These tablets comprise of excipients and active substances which are pressed into solid dose. No chemicals or harmful ingredients are added to the mixtures of the tablets. Flavors or sweeteners are also added to the mixture to enhance the taste. Further, our Pharmaceutical Tablets have a polymer coating which makes the tablet smoother, resistant to environment and allows easier swallowing. Also, our offered range of tablets ensures effective treatment of the various specific diseases and does not have any side effects to the body.

Allopath Dry Syrups, offered by us, are a precise blend of ingredients that are highly effective in treatment of liver, stomach and other diseases. They are commonly prescribed for treatment of fatty liver disease assuring high effectiveness with no adverse effects. These Allopath Dry Syrups work by removing bile from body and reducing cholesterol level. Also suitable to be consumed for cirrhosis liver, they assist in conversion of fat into phospholipids.

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